Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Updates

Aiight Y'all, In going to spice up my blog a little bit. I'm going to start Including Sports (soccer) News, A little bit of Celebrity gossip and probably upcoming events.. No doubt I'll still be the funny, Interesting and Cool B-) blogger y'all know.. I will still be posting about my self. If there is anything you want me to Blog about or any questions, Leave a comment on my post and If u want to be personal Send it to me on facebook, My Facebook Name is Wale Agunloye (I promise to keep your identity anonymous unless told otherwise)..


The Masterpiece #1 :-p

Sunday, September 6, 2009

It seem's some1 is finding it hard to move on..

Aiight ya'll I have FINALLY put up a new post after all this Months.. Sorry about that.. Wasnt my fault and I had writers block.. lol (I'm sure half of you dont know what that means, not your fault). Anyway let me start up by "advertising" my other site.. "IF YOU ARE A FAN OF NIGERIAN SONGS AND YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO GET IT, GO TO ( ) and If you have any request's let me know.
Now back to the post of the day.... From the title I'm sure most of you might know what this post is about. Well for those of you who dont know its about one of my earlier posts (miss $$$$).. I'm seriously tired about writin about her but mehn this just popped up.. ( I have loads of more posts for ya'll but just wanted to get this out of the way 1st)..
Aiight so I get to Naija and I'm chillin with one of my homeboys in my crib.. So he is on the phone and I'm like who you talking to, He is like "miss $$$$" Then im like "for real, let me talk to her". So I talk to her and we had a couple of laughs, and I realized she had a guy. I was happy for her and all. Anyway two days later or so, I spoke to her she told me she had broken up with the guy.. I'm like aiight cool.. (kinda seemed stranged to me but wasnt bothered). The day miss $$$$ was leaving for America, She hit my phone up with loads of text messages (hmm guess she was missin me). Anyway I leave Naija to England (yeah I know just balling, going to all the continents.. Lol). While in England we (miss $$$$ and I) were chatting on facebook and then she is like she "still has feelings for me" (after fronting for a long Anyway I'm like aiight cool and I went offline (cuz I was on my way out)... Later that day when I got bck home she was online and she was like "you this boy I told you I still have feelings for you and you didn't say anything".. (In my mind I was like WTF), but I was like "bcuz u told me u still have feelings I should just jump into ur arms and tell you I like you right".. Anyway I think we ended up arguing that night.. (btw this was like 3wks ago or a lil bit less) So I get back to america and we (miss $$$$ and I) are chatting (again!!!!) and I'm also chattin with my friend miss ;-). So it turns out miss $$$$ is also chatting with miss ;-). (miss $$$$ and miss ;-) are also friends, well obviously if not they wouldnt b chattin..). Anyway I was telling miss $$$$ to give me the hook ups on one of her cousins (saw her pic on miss $$$$ facebook).. and miss $$$$ was acting up.. So I'm like hmmmm seems some1 is jealous (I dint tell her

Anyway I got an Idea while I was chattin with miss $$$$.. I asked miss ;-) if she was still chattin with miss $$$$ and she was like yeah.. So I asked miss ;-) to send me the facebook relationship stuff and find away to tell misss $$$$ that something is going on with us (miss ;-) and I ). So shes like aiight.. She found a way to tell miss $$$$ and she told her.. Miss $$$ finds away to ask me and I'm like "yeah something is up btwn miss ;-) and I".. Next thing she starts giving both miss ;-) and I ATITTUDE for no freaking reason.. Like WTF..

Ok mayb that was "coincedence" (I seriously doubt though).. Aiight here is another example... I met this fine girl and apparently she knows miss $$$$ (like seriously what are the Anyway it turns out that miss $$$$ has said somethings about me to her (oh well not surprisded). Anyway this fine girl was in my place and was chattin with miss $$$$ on my facebook.. miss $$$$ was so shocked.. Like I wanted to see the look on her face.. lol. Anyway the fine girl calls miss $$$$ on skype (skype is like msn and yahoo messenger for those of u who live under a rock and dont know what it is..) and they both turn on their webcam.. Anyway while they are catching up I stick my head infront of the camera (im sure miss $$$$ heart skipped a bit, u should have seen the look on her face.. it was So miss $$$$ is telling the fine girl that what is she doing with me, that I'm a bad boy bla bla bla (well she might have made it look like she was jokin, but I know she wasn't).. I later found out that she was also giving the fine girl attitude (H'mm Seems Like Some1 is Finding It Hard To Move On).. Now thats definitely not coincedence.. as they say Lightning does not hit the same person 2wice or is it does not strike 2wice on d same spot (mehn u guys sha know the saying).. oh yeah my sources later told me that miss $$$$ refered to a picture of me and I (the pic is on facebook) as "beauty and the beast" hmmm no comments on that..

Oh yeah she finally read my blog and she said I was lieng (not surprised) and she was also planning to confront me (im still waiting for the confrotation though.. mayb she realized that it would be a STUPID thing to do)....btw heard she has "another boyfriend" (this is like the 3rd/4th one she is having in the space of a year.. 2 in the space of a month or so.. dang, she doesnt waste time o). I wonder y she is giving everygirl I talk 2 attitude dang.. Guess her new guys aint as good as "u know who"..(Ouch.. I dint just say that.. Sheett mehn miss $$$$ can you take that.. LOL..LMAO)

The MasterPiece #1 :-p