Sunday, November 8, 2009

Aiight as y'all can see, the title makes little to no sense, thats cuz I dont know what this post is exactly about.. I woke up this morning at 10.30am to get ready for the MANCHESTER UNITED vs chelsea match which started at 11am.. Only for them to lose.. WTF!!!!!!!!.. The ref is a bloody cheat.. anyway aint going to write about soccer but we should have won but still UNITED 4 LIFE!!!!

Aiight so right now I'm going to just write whatever comes into my head..

Lets start with FACEBOOK, dang now a days every 4kin person is on facebook, and just cuz we have friends in common dont mean I know you or want to know you.. then there are some people that take pictures of every step of their life i know people with over 500 pictures (thats just their profile pics o).. People with about 20 albums.. wtf, ah ah kilode nah by force?. Ok I was going to stroke "Farmville", but sadly I cant cuz i play "Mafia Wars".. arghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!... ok what else can i say about facebook..hmmmmmmmmm.. Yeah I got something, all this girls that accept every4kin person that sends them friend request (so they can have 50,000 friends o, and any1 that clicks on their stuffs would be like wow this girl is very popular o) and then some "perv" would send them a message or write on their wall or comment on their pics (saying something ridiculous like " hey you so sexy, i want to have sex with you right now in my dreams untop of aso rock (mehn naija guys dey mess up o, ah ah they dont even try at all, i would like to meet their girlfriends that chopped their stupid sykes) and then start vexing and be putting it on their statuses on facebook.. WTF, whats my own with you and ur weird lovers. in the 1st place why did you accept them.. hiss ode oshi's..

Have you guys noticed that there are some certain people on facebook that like everything you do.. mehn is it that they no get life?.. I could put "I just got robbed as my status" and some idiot would "like" it.. I could put "I cant sleep" , "I have a nasty migraine" and those same monkeys would like it.. what are they liking there.. the worst is when you write statuses that only you understand or post something on someone's (a friend in common) wall that only both of you understand, i.e I post this on some1's wall "hey imagine i was talking to her 4 like 5hrs last night". How the 4k are you going to like that.. you possibly have no idea of what I'm talking about.. and the thing is that they respond so fast.. like 10secs after you post it as if they have this "like" button on their keyboard and a light flashes in their head when some1 posts something..

Aiight let me end off with "Gossip Girl".. mehn I'm so surprised to find out that some guys are addicted to that show, It hurts so much.. mehn the other day a friend of mine (asdf) took a quiz on facebook titled "which Gossip Girl Character are you".. (tsk tsk tsk, no comment).. the result was "you are Chuck Bass" as usual the "likers" liked it. then some1 commented on the stuff saying "I knew it" u wouldnt believe dis guy (asdf) replied saying nah im more of a Nate Archibald guy.. (mehn asdf just lost alot of COOL POINTS o..).. well the worst one is when one nigga uploaded a pic on facebook (nice pic and all), but he messed up/lost alot of cool points by putting "chuck bass is my inspiration" as the description..
Feel's so good to have let out all the anger in me.. I guess I should have just titled the post Facebook.. anyway Have a Wonderful Week.. God bless...

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