Friday, June 19, 2009

My Last Girlfriend. Part 3

Ok y'all "I'm back like I forgot something." (I'm sure most of you dont understand, don't worry its allowed.. lol). This is part 3, I hope its the final part cuz I'm getting tired of writitng about miss $$$$ (she would soon start feeling inportant.. lol). For those of you slackers that are reading my blog for the 1st time (where the heck have you been. you need to move forward in life.. lol) anyway its advicesable for you to scroll down to part 1. You don't have to its just an advice o.. btw y'all know what they say about advices (The wise man doesn't need it and the foolish man wouldn't take it). Anyway let me stop and go to the main attraction
[Sorry before I start I would like to clear one thing out. People (well one person in particular) has been disturbing me about miss $$$$. So I want to make it clear to y'all that I DONT LIKE miss$$$$ (as in a crush or whatever). We have moved on and whatever we had is in the past and its staying there where it belongs. The only reason I'm writing this post is bcuz its about my life and thats what my blog is about. Thank you.]

Now back to the story. So after @@@@ left my room I definitely knew something was up but I couldn't really be bothered. I felt that eventually the truth would come out. So I went along with my everyday life. So time went by pretty quick and everything was ok (well I think) up until the day of socials (for the not to bright ones out there.. socials was like an event where the whole school would just come 2 chill and dance.. well mostly dance). Aiight at one point during socials I was talking to !@#$ (y'all remember her right. incase u cant she is the girl I liked in part 2) and she started poking me (I dont know if she tought I was a fluffy teddy bear o..). Well I was trying to get !@#$ to stop poking me (I had to hold her hands 2geda and stuffs like that). Now while all this was happening, miss $$$$ was busy sitting somewhere watching (as usual.. she had some mad stalking skills mehn.. LOL). After socials I went to chill with miss $$$$, "xyz" (ma home boy) and his chic. Miss $$$$ starts asking me what I was doing with !@#$ and I was like wtf is she saying. Then she was like she saw us. I'm like ok what did you see. She said she saw me all over !@#$ and all that. Im like you know what, you saw what you wanted to see cuz that wasn't what happened. While miss $$$$ was interogating me, I remembered that I left my laptop in the hall (thats where we had the socials) so I went back to get it.

On my way back from the hall, I saw miss $$$$ and @@@@. Miss $$$$ jumped into his arms and she was all over him (as usuall I wasn't really bothered). Now she saw me coming so she got off @@@@ and then @@@@ left. I got there and acted like I din't see shit. Instead of miss $$$$ to drop the case of !@#$ and I, she brought it up again (now in my mind I'm like see this B***h o.. she has the guts to falsely accuse me when she has her own "comma"). I quickly found a way to end the discussion cuz I was already getting vexed. So "xyz" and I got back to our room (we were roommates) and "xyz" was like yo mehn did you see miss $$$$ and @@@@. I was like yeah I did and asked him if he heard the way miss $$$$ was accusing me. He was like yeah he did (now what "xyz" did there is not snitching its called looking out for your homeboy.. so y'all shouldn't get it twisted). Later that night "xyz" called his chic (d guy is a freaking vegetable.... Lover boy to the end.. lol) anyway somehow miss $$$$ and I started talking and you wuldn't believe it she still hadn't dropped the !@#$ case. So I got vexed, hung up and sent her a text basically saying "yo take a chill pill, shit didn't happen btwn !@#$ and I". and I ended the text saying btw I saw you and @@@@. She denied it at 1st, then she was like was it "xyz" that told me. I'm like she didn't need to know how I found out the main thing is that it happened. Later on I found out that stuffs happened btwn her and @@@@.

Let me skip out a couple of stuffs (so I'm going to fastforward to after graduation). I was at "xyz" crib and I was like mehn I'm going to see miss $$$$. "xyz" was like why was I going there that I would regret it. Anyway I ignored him and went to her house with a friend. While at her house her phone rang. It was more like a flash but a lil longer than normal flashing. At 1st I wasn't bothered but then it kept going on and on and on ( I hate it when people flash) so I was like miss$$$$ pick up your phone. She was like nah its aiight, just some1 dat was distrubin her. After a while my friend (d one who accompanied me to her house) checked the number on her phone and realized the number was stored as "My Sugar" ( I know what a razz name 2 store a number as.. lol). So my friend is like "wale are you the one flashing her", Im like "nah why?". Then he goes like "the number is saved as my sugar" (all dis while she was in the kitchen but as soon as she heard "my sugar" she came to the living room....). As soon as she came into the living room I collected the phone from my friend and realized that the number calling her looked a little familiar, so I picked up my phone and called the number. Guess who's name popped up............. It was @@@@ (I wasn't really surprised).


ok I know I ended it in a crappy way but I just wanted to stop writing. watch out for Bonus Features like : Missing parts, The Real End and I might just reveal the names of everyone involved..

btw I didn't proof read so pardon any mistakes

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Last Girlfriend. Part 2

If this is your 1st time on my blog I'll suggest you scroll down and read part 1 1st (well that makes sense since 1 comes b4 2.. lol)..
Aiight for those of you who aint new to this story "lets go there" (yeah I know that was razz but oh well such is life jo). So "xyz" (my homeboy) and I kept on trying to make miss $$$$ and #### cross path's (ok for those of you that went to ois let me give you a hint on who "xyz" is. all I'm going to say is that he is SHORT... "xyz" sorry I had to rat you out.. LoL). Anyway let me fastforward a lil bit.. miss $$$$ started having this stupid assumptions that every single girl I talked to, I had something to do with them. Now does that make sense to ya'll???.. well it doesn't to me. Time keept going by and I keept enjoying the single life up until I started liking some girl (!@#$). Now !@#$ was not bad at all infact she was by far better looking than miss $$$$ (well according to my standards sha and last time I checked my ratings were on point.. lol). Now I actually liked !@#$ and I was thinking of going long term with her and treating her like a girlfriend is meant to be treated ( I admit I did not treat miss $$$$ well, but I feel I treated her the way she deserved to be treated). Ok things din't work out at all with !@#$. Infact it was so bad that shortly after she started dating one of my friends (oh well I guess thats what they call "karma" ( I dont really believe in that stuff though) ).
During the runzin period with !@#$, miss $$$$ heard that I liked !@#$ and she was angry (well I wasn't surprised ). I started hearing gist that miss $$$$ was messing around with alot of guys. I laughed when I found out cuz I felt it was a desperate cry for help. So one day I go up to miss $$$$ and ask her about all this rumors I'v been hearing. well 1st of all it turned out not to be rumors and 2ndly it was a desperate cry 4 help as I suspected earlier. Miss $$$$ and I ended up talking for a long time and I told her that I have no problem with her if she wants to b the public slut but that if thats her way of getting back at me then it ain't working. Would ya'll believe that coincedentally as I was talking with miss $$$$ she had an appointment with some guy. I laughed and I was like "aiight dont let me disturb you, have fun". Then I went back to my hostel. Shortly after I realized that miss $$$$ was walking behind me and I later found out that she cancelled her "appointment"..LOL. Well I was kinda happy for her but I couldn't really be bothered. The next day miss $$$$ comes up to me and she is like she wanted to talk 2 me. I'm like "yeah no problem whats on your mind" (yeah in my mind I was feeling like one bad guy o.. lol). Miss $$$$ told me what was on her mind and I gave her some advice. While I was talking to her !@#$ walked by and she called me. Like a dog who has just seen its owner I left miss $$$$ and went to meet !@#$ I had to go cuz its me dat wanted to make !@#$ my girlfriend not the other way round). Miss $$$$ was kinda pissed of though (well I cant really blame her, If it was me some1 else did that to I probably would have lost it). After that day miss $$$$ kept coming to me to tell me negative stuffs about !@#$. Well I told her to get lost that nothing she said or did would make me hate !@#$. I later found out that miss $$$$ kinda picked a fight with !@#$ over the slightest thing (but you all know the main reason though.. for the slow onez out there incase you dont let me hint ya'll (ME!!!!).. LOL. I think its high time I stopped feeling like a bad guy.. SYKE NA.. lol). After !@#$ didn't work out (I'm sure miss $$$$ was the happiest person on earth when she found out.. lol), I started hanging out with miss $$$$ again. People came to a conclusion that miss $$$$ nd I were dating ( well we were not yet but actually we were looking at a possibility of that happening).

One day miss $$$$ came up to me and she was like "I hate @@@@". ya'll remember @@@@ from part 1 right (well if u can't remember him scrool down to part 1 and then read the 1st paragraph or so). So I asked miss $$$$ why she doesnt like @@@@ (reason being @@@@ was my guy so I needed to know what was up). Anyway miss $$$$ gives me a couple reasons why she hated @@@@. I'm not really buying the reasons but just to prevent her from saying im picking his side or whatever I told her that If she doesn't like him then she should stay away 4rm him. The next day I see miss $$$$ and @@@@ walking together and she is like all over him (Imagine o the 1st thing that came to my mind was WTF!!!!!!!!. dint this girl just come 2 complain 2 me yesterday or so). At 1st I was like girls are confused jo (I actually think girls are confused (no offense my female readers o) ). But when miss $$$$ kept coming back to me to complain about @@@@ and then she would go back to him.. I started suspecting somethin was up..
One faithfull day (I'v alwaiz wanted to say/type that.. LOL) I was at the balcony of my hostel just looking at people gisting infront of the hostel and then some1 comes up to me and is like "look at @@@@ nd miss $$$$. I look at them and I see them all over each other. I laughed and I was like "OK" ( u know those kinda silent OK's. The ones that dont show that ur angry but pple who know u know that somethig is up.. I hope I'm making sense to ya'll cuz I dont think I'm making sense to myself.. LOL). Anyway they decided to go for a walk round school and when they got back @@@@ looked at me, smiled (well not @ me sha. That would just be gay.. lol) and then grabbed miss $$$$ from behind.. Now I also had a smile on my face (my smile was more of a "hmmm I see how its done now smile" :) )
Later that day I leave the hostel and I see miss $$$$. While we were talking she decided to explain what happened earlier with @@@@ but I dint really wanna listen cuz I wasn't interested, but she ended her statement saying "@@@@ tried to get down with me". I'm like wow. After talking to miss $$$$ I went back to my hostel then @@@@ comes to meet me in my room and he starts explaining himself saying that miss $$$$ tried to get down with him (1st of all I'm like Y the 4k is dis guy explainin him self I dint ask him. Only one word for that : GUILTY CONSCIENCE (oh sorry make that two words.. lol).). Now someone is definitely lieng. Does any1 have an idea who it is (if you do leave a comment with the name i.e miss $$$$ or @@@@)

Part 3 coming out soon

Btw I din't proof read before I posted it so pardon any errors.. Thank You

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Last Girlfriend. Part 1

Aiight ya'll I know the title sounds so much like a Nollywood movie.. lol. oh well thats the best I could come up with (I know I'm not so creative). Anyway as you can see from the title this post is about Me & My last girlfriend (miss $$$$). A couple of years ago I transfered High schools. I had a real rough 1st year ( I so dont wanna remember). Anyway by my second year things became better and I practically started getting along with almost everybody. So one day I'm walking with two of my Homies (!!!! and @@@@), and I'm like "mehn guyz I think its high time I get a girlfriend" now !!!! nd @@@@ were laughing at me (I dont know why they were laughing as if they had chics also o..LOL). So miss $$$$ walks by and my guyz are like "go for her", I'm like "nah". Later we go back to our hostel and I start thinking about what my guyz said. After some long, hard thinking I'm like what the heck let me go for it (I think that was the 1st mistake I made). So the next day I walked up to miss $$$$ and told her that I had something to say, she asked what and I was like i'll tell you later in the day (I was still having doubts that was why I postponed it). Eventually I told her that I liked her bla bla bla. I went back to my hostel and I started preparing for how I was going to face the crowd (the rest of the school) the next day.
The next day came and all her friends were all up in my business asking me if i really liked her bla bla bla.. Now at 1st I din't like her, so I had to pretend as if I did by blushing when they said her name, telling them that I liked her e.t.c {Now I know right now some of you, especially the girls are like this guy (ME) is a jerk. I don't blame ya'll cuz lieng to a girl that you like her is a bad thing, but please keep reading on b4 you make your conclusions about me (they say "dont judge a book by it's covers")}. Her friends eventually believed and I'm guessing they went to tell her. Anyway I kept on with my runz and shortly after miss $$$$ and I became an Item (aiight that sounded so sentimental.. Lol).
After the relationship started (thats was the begining of all my problems) I started liking her . We had our ups and downs (its normal in a relationship). Everything was looking like gold up until one day. That day I was in my hostel walking around and then ^^^^ came up to me and was like "whats up with ur chic and %%%% (^^^^ and %%%% were my seniors). Now im like whats going on. After some investigation I found out that miss $$$$ was cheating on me with %%%%. when I found out I was like WTF. I went to confront miss $$$$ but as you all would have expected she denied it flat. So I broke up with her. People (especially girls) didn't know why we broke up but they kept coming to meet me accusing me of being a bad person (Imagine o.. after what she did I still was the bad person).
The next session started (that was my 3rd year in that school and my last year in high school). It was a very eventful year for me. So I see miss $$$$ and we start talking, it turns out she stilll liked me (well I can't really blame her once you have a piece of me you'll alwaiz want more.. LOL.. ok ok I know I'm being cocky and all but oh well you can't blame me or can you?.. ;) LOL..). Anyway I told miss $$$$ that sorry it couldn't work out (ok that was quite mean but what do you expect she cheated on me). I was enjoying being single (you know hanging out with whoever I want to, doing whatever I wanted to, not bothering if any1 was watching ;) ) up until I realized that miss $$$$ was spying on me/stalking me. Now I'm sure most of you (girls especially) are like wtf??? well its the truth. The day I found out that she was spying on me was when oneday I was talking to some junior girl (just random talking nothing more nothing less) and when I was done talking to her miss $$$$ actually went to her (dis junior girl) and asked her if I was runzin her (like wtf who does that.. why are you going to stoop so low to asking your junior if someone in your set was runzin her..). Anyway to prevent rumours from spreading round I decided to keep away from this junior girl. As if that wasn't enough, the next thing I know miss $$$$ comes to me and keeps accusing me of having something with some girl in my set (1st of all its not her business cuz we aint dating but as the civilized human being that I am, I was like nothing is going on.). Miss $$$$ starts hating #### (#### is the girl in my set that she accused me of having something with). This was so funny cuz I'll b walking with #### and then miss $$$$ would walk by and eye #### and then hiss. My home boy "xyz" (I told him everything) & I were enjoying this so we tried as much as possible to make $$$$ and #### cross paths (ok yes we were wicked for doing that but oh well "wetin man go do".. LOL)..

part 2 coming out soon

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Departure of Ronaldo... CR07

Aiight this morning I got a call from !@#$ asking me if I'v heard the latest about Cristiano Ronaldo. I'm like "nah mehn what happend". !@#$ was like "the guy don commot man utd o". Being the Die hard Man Utd fan that I am (MANUTD 4 LIfe!!!).. I went to check and I found out that Man Utd just accepted a 80million pounds deal from Real Madrid. Now thats alot of money so I dont really blame Man Utd but then again its freaking CRISTIANO RONALDO (CR07). !@#$ is a Real Madrid fan so he is enjoying this. !@#$ and I start discussing on what Man Utd is going to do with the money and then I go to the official Man Utd website ( to check the transfer rumours and mehn there are some nice players linked with a move to Old Traford.

After !@#$ and I finished talking about cristiano ronaldo. I was like "Guy imagine if it was Wegner (arsenal's coach) that recieved 80million pounds what would the PEDOPHILE (for those of you who watch soccer you should know why I call him a pedophile and for those of you who dont.. the fake guy likes to buy young (ages 13-17), cheap useless players, thats why I call him a pedophile) do. I'm like the ode would probably just go to one high school somewhere and recruit youngsters, infact he would buy 22 players with that money (change the whole team). That guy economises money too much (im begining to think he is from Ijebu.. lol). !@#$ was like thats if he doesnt even faint when he gets the money. As you can all see I hate arsenal a.k.a ass-anal.. LOL with a passion. Those guys are so useless and the funny thing is that their fanz (no offense if any of you are reading this.. you know its all love... lol) just say rubbish i.e arsenal is better than Man Utd, arsenal is the best team in the world, adebayo is the best striker (i dont even want to start with that one. if i start with him i wouldnt finish writing this post today). What a coincedence as I was writing this post one mumu arsenal fan sent me a text saying "I told u Ronaldo 2 Real 80million pounds" then I replied him saying " so what I should jump off a cliff?" then the ode replied saying "Go f**k urself cuz u said it wnt happen" I replied saying "ok thanks for the advice".. Im sure it chucked him when he recieved that last text.. LOL.

Well to my fellow MAN UTD supporters (the real ones not the onez who joined bcuz of one player or bcuz their boyfriend/girlfriend supports it but the ones who joined because they know man utd is the best team), we all know that when cristiano ronaldo leaves its going to be a BIG LOSS to the team but Sir Alex Ferguson (the boss man) always got out back the same way he got it when Roy Keane and David Beckham Left.

Hope you arsenal guys remember that goal o.. incase you dont let me refresh your memories (champions league semi-finals. 3rd goal of the game Man Utd 3- arsenal 1)

Shett mehn in between 3 of them o. see how eboue opened his mouth like (shett na me be this..LOL).. kai arsenal sorry final score of this game was Man Utd 2 -arsenal 1

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First time @ LOVE.

aiight 1st off all LOVE is a Nightclub in DC. Anyway the other day my home boy ***** calls me and he is like "sup mehn you wanna go to club tonite" being the party animal that I am I was like "No problem". Before ***** hung up he was like btw DRAKE (The artist) is going to be there. So ***** comes to pick me up. I'm all freshend up and looking good (as always.. lol). We get into the car and we embark on a long journey to DC (its about 1hr30mins from my school). Ungetting to Love it was raining and being the bad guys that we are, we din't wanna get wet so we chilled in the car. Some mins later some nice shawty's walk by and we were like DAMMM!!!!!. So im like ***** lets get out of this car and follow those chics. We get to the club (it was about a 3min walk from the parking lot) and this bouncer guy is like sorry they aint letting people in again. We are like wtf??... So we see some people going to the other side of the club and we followed. When we got there we met this long ass line. Anyway let me skip out some parts. We eventually got into the club {we were wet though cuz of the rain :( }. Anyway we went to dry up and after that we went a** hunthing.. lol. Now Love is NICE it has 3floors and everysingle floor has its own Dj and style of music. DRAKE was on the second floor so the security there was kinda tight. ***** and I went to the 3rd floor to chill and mehn we had a BLAST.. Much love to the chics who made that night for us lol.. Now to the main attraction, while we were dancing some chic came in, then the Dj was like "hold up i wanna introduce the lovely miss Angel Lola Luv". Now i was like that name sounds so familiar to me. Ya'll know Angel Lola Luv right?? (anyway for those of you slackers who dont know her she is a video girl she was in "GOODLIFE by Kanye"). Anyway while i was walking around looking for some nice big B***y shawty's miss Angel Lola Luv walked by me.. She was wearing some nice tight white Denim jeans. Her a** is one of a kind when i saw it I had dis big smile on my face :) {that smile lasted for daiz, infact just writting about it has put the smile back on my face :) :) :) }. for those of you who dont have cable and havn't seen her in any video. I'll post her picture so ya'll can see why I was smiling and why I'm still Smiling.. lol. Anyway around 4am ***** and I went home (another 1hr30mins drive).

angel_lola_luv_041608.jpg (320×430)
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