Friday, June 19, 2009

My Last Girlfriend. Part 3

Ok y'all "I'm back like I forgot something." (I'm sure most of you dont understand, don't worry its allowed.. lol). This is part 3, I hope its the final part cuz I'm getting tired of writitng about miss $$$$ (she would soon start feeling inportant.. lol). For those of you slackers that are reading my blog for the 1st time (where the heck have you been. you need to move forward in life.. lol) anyway its advicesable for you to scroll down to part 1. You don't have to its just an advice o.. btw y'all know what they say about advices (The wise man doesn't need it and the foolish man wouldn't take it). Anyway let me stop and go to the main attraction
[Sorry before I start I would like to clear one thing out. People (well one person in particular) has been disturbing me about miss $$$$. So I want to make it clear to y'all that I DONT LIKE miss$$$$ (as in a crush or whatever). We have moved on and whatever we had is in the past and its staying there where it belongs. The only reason I'm writing this post is bcuz its about my life and thats what my blog is about. Thank you.]

Now back to the story. So after @@@@ left my room I definitely knew something was up but I couldn't really be bothered. I felt that eventually the truth would come out. So I went along with my everyday life. So time went by pretty quick and everything was ok (well I think) up until the day of socials (for the not to bright ones out there.. socials was like an event where the whole school would just come 2 chill and dance.. well mostly dance). Aiight at one point during socials I was talking to !@#$ (y'all remember her right. incase u cant she is the girl I liked in part 2) and she started poking me (I dont know if she tought I was a fluffy teddy bear o..). Well I was trying to get !@#$ to stop poking me (I had to hold her hands 2geda and stuffs like that). Now while all this was happening, miss $$$$ was busy sitting somewhere watching (as usual.. she had some mad stalking skills mehn.. LOL). After socials I went to chill with miss $$$$, "xyz" (ma home boy) and his chic. Miss $$$$ starts asking me what I was doing with !@#$ and I was like wtf is she saying. Then she was like she saw us. I'm like ok what did you see. She said she saw me all over !@#$ and all that. Im like you know what, you saw what you wanted to see cuz that wasn't what happened. While miss $$$$ was interogating me, I remembered that I left my laptop in the hall (thats where we had the socials) so I went back to get it.

On my way back from the hall, I saw miss $$$$ and @@@@. Miss $$$$ jumped into his arms and she was all over him (as usuall I wasn't really bothered). Now she saw me coming so she got off @@@@ and then @@@@ left. I got there and acted like I din't see shit. Instead of miss $$$$ to drop the case of !@#$ and I, she brought it up again (now in my mind I'm like see this B***h o.. she has the guts to falsely accuse me when she has her own "comma"). I quickly found a way to end the discussion cuz I was already getting vexed. So "xyz" and I got back to our room (we were roommates) and "xyz" was like yo mehn did you see miss $$$$ and @@@@. I was like yeah I did and asked him if he heard the way miss $$$$ was accusing me. He was like yeah he did (now what "xyz" did there is not snitching its called looking out for your homeboy.. so y'all shouldn't get it twisted). Later that night "xyz" called his chic (d guy is a freaking vegetable.... Lover boy to the end.. lol) anyway somehow miss $$$$ and I started talking and you wuldn't believe it she still hadn't dropped the !@#$ case. So I got vexed, hung up and sent her a text basically saying "yo take a chill pill, shit didn't happen btwn !@#$ and I". and I ended the text saying btw I saw you and @@@@. She denied it at 1st, then she was like was it "xyz" that told me. I'm like she didn't need to know how I found out the main thing is that it happened. Later on I found out that stuffs happened btwn her and @@@@.

Let me skip out a couple of stuffs (so I'm going to fastforward to after graduation). I was at "xyz" crib and I was like mehn I'm going to see miss $$$$. "xyz" was like why was I going there that I would regret it. Anyway I ignored him and went to her house with a friend. While at her house her phone rang. It was more like a flash but a lil longer than normal flashing. At 1st I wasn't bothered but then it kept going on and on and on ( I hate it when people flash) so I was like miss$$$$ pick up your phone. She was like nah its aiight, just some1 dat was distrubin her. After a while my friend (d one who accompanied me to her house) checked the number on her phone and realized the number was stored as "My Sugar" ( I know what a razz name 2 store a number as.. lol). So my friend is like "wale are you the one flashing her", Im like "nah why?". Then he goes like "the number is saved as my sugar" (all dis while she was in the kitchen but as soon as she heard "my sugar" she came to the living room....). As soon as she came into the living room I collected the phone from my friend and realized that the number calling her looked a little familiar, so I picked up my phone and called the number. Guess who's name popped up............. It was @@@@ (I wasn't really surprised).


ok I know I ended it in a crappy way but I just wanted to stop writing. watch out for Bonus Features like : Missing parts, The Real End and I might just reveal the names of everyone involved..

btw I didn't proof read so pardon any mistakes

The Masterpiece #1


  1. lool... u have issues... anyone i know?... miss $$$$ is just plain silly.. i mean like seriously , if u are going to cheat ,then cheat and stay with @@@@ and certainly dont complain when wale is runzing sm1 else..msssscheww.., funny stuff..