Thursday, June 11, 2009

Departure of Ronaldo... CR07

Aiight this morning I got a call from !@#$ asking me if I'v heard the latest about Cristiano Ronaldo. I'm like "nah mehn what happend". !@#$ was like "the guy don commot man utd o". Being the Die hard Man Utd fan that I am (MANUTD 4 LIfe!!!).. I went to check and I found out that Man Utd just accepted a 80million pounds deal from Real Madrid. Now thats alot of money so I dont really blame Man Utd but then again its freaking CRISTIANO RONALDO (CR07). !@#$ is a Real Madrid fan so he is enjoying this. !@#$ and I start discussing on what Man Utd is going to do with the money and then I go to the official Man Utd website ( to check the transfer rumours and mehn there are some nice players linked with a move to Old Traford.

After !@#$ and I finished talking about cristiano ronaldo. I was like "Guy imagine if it was Wegner (arsenal's coach) that recieved 80million pounds what would the PEDOPHILE (for those of you who watch soccer you should know why I call him a pedophile and for those of you who dont.. the fake guy likes to buy young (ages 13-17), cheap useless players, thats why I call him a pedophile) do. I'm like the ode would probably just go to one high school somewhere and recruit youngsters, infact he would buy 22 players with that money (change the whole team). That guy economises money too much (im begining to think he is from Ijebu.. lol). !@#$ was like thats if he doesnt even faint when he gets the money. As you can all see I hate arsenal a.k.a ass-anal.. LOL with a passion. Those guys are so useless and the funny thing is that their fanz (no offense if any of you are reading this.. you know its all love... lol) just say rubbish i.e arsenal is better than Man Utd, arsenal is the best team in the world, adebayo is the best striker (i dont even want to start with that one. if i start with him i wouldnt finish writing this post today). What a coincedence as I was writing this post one mumu arsenal fan sent me a text saying "I told u Ronaldo 2 Real 80million pounds" then I replied him saying " so what I should jump off a cliff?" then the ode replied saying "Go f**k urself cuz u said it wnt happen" I replied saying "ok thanks for the advice".. Im sure it chucked him when he recieved that last text.. LOL.

Well to my fellow MAN UTD supporters (the real ones not the onez who joined bcuz of one player or bcuz their boyfriend/girlfriend supports it but the ones who joined because they know man utd is the best team), we all know that when cristiano ronaldo leaves its going to be a BIG LOSS to the team but Sir Alex Ferguson (the boss man) always got out back the same way he got it when Roy Keane and David Beckham Left.

Hope you arsenal guys remember that goal o.. incase you dont let me refresh your memories (champions league semi-finals. 3rd goal of the game Man Utd 3- arsenal 1)

Shett mehn in between 3 of them o. see how eboue opened his mouth like (shett na me be this..LOL).. kai arsenal sorry final score of this game was Man Utd 2 -arsenal 1

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  1. .....Its so funny how these Women United Fans flip there feelings and comments, same nigg@s wer like C.Ronaldo aint going no the dude leaves, dey rush to throw him under d bus, after the Guy himself won the Premiership for ManU and even single handedly carried ManU to the Champions League Finals.
    Well we will see How ManU without its engine it Bervatov (who cares how u spell hes name) or Rooney (who hasnt played to hes ability n bout 2 seasons now dat steps up).
    ManU has relied mainly on Ronaldo for bout 2 seasons now to win games...Please tell me how easy its gonna be for them to adjust without him.
    Ronaldo is a special Footballer that made things happen on the pitch...those special players only come once in awhile.
    And he has was the reason last yr Chelsea cudnt jus find a way to d top of d table...also this yr same cud b said bout Liverpool....all bcause ManU had a player called Ronaldo. Now that is gone.
    The Playing Field in the English Premiership is leveled....I dont care who Fergie & Women United bring in to fill is spot, well to be honest wat footballer right now can fill Ronaldo's spot, (maybe Messi, Kaka and lets even throwin Arshavin*LoL*)

    I cant jus wait for the EPL Season to start, because it wud begin the start of the Fall of ManU!!!

    Referee don blow whistle "Omo Arsenal" is off the pitch!!!

    Watch Out for the Russian Assassin a.k.a Arshavin nxt Year!

  2. Up Arsenal abeg!!! This marks the beginning of the end of Manchester United! That's all I gotta say!

  3. Abeg all of u should shut the fuck up! It's just the bittterness of winning fuck all for 5 years thats chooking ur lives!

    There's a song every top premier legue team sings to Arsenal (I would know because I've been to pretty much every big game this season)

    Here it goes:

    4 years and you won fuck all
    4 years and you won fuck all
    4 years and you won fuck all
    hold now its its 5 years and they've won fuck all!!

    For all u that dont know fuck all=nothing