Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Last Girlfriend. Part 2

If this is your 1st time on my blog I'll suggest you scroll down and read part 1 1st (well that makes sense since 1 comes b4 2.. lol)..
Aiight for those of you who aint new to this story "lets go there" (yeah I know that was razz but oh well such is life jo). So "xyz" (my homeboy) and I kept on trying to make miss $$$$ and #### cross path's (ok for those of you that went to ois let me give you a hint on who "xyz" is. all I'm going to say is that he is SHORT... "xyz" sorry I had to rat you out.. LoL). Anyway let me fastforward a lil bit.. miss $$$$ started having this stupid assumptions that every single girl I talked to, I had something to do with them. Now does that make sense to ya'll???.. well it doesn't to me. Time keept going by and I keept enjoying the single life up until I started liking some girl (!@#$). Now !@#$ was not bad at all infact she was by far better looking than miss $$$$ (well according to my standards sha and last time I checked my ratings were on point.. lol). Now I actually liked !@#$ and I was thinking of going long term with her and treating her like a girlfriend is meant to be treated ( I admit I did not treat miss $$$$ well, but I feel I treated her the way she deserved to be treated). Ok things din't work out at all with !@#$. Infact it was so bad that shortly after she started dating one of my friends (oh well I guess thats what they call "karma" ( I dont really believe in that stuff though) ).
During the runzin period with !@#$, miss $$$$ heard that I liked !@#$ and she was angry (well I wasn't surprised ). I started hearing gist that miss $$$$ was messing around with alot of guys. I laughed when I found out cuz I felt it was a desperate cry for help. So one day I go up to miss $$$$ and ask her about all this rumors I'v been hearing. well 1st of all it turned out not to be rumors and 2ndly it was a desperate cry 4 help as I suspected earlier. Miss $$$$ and I ended up talking for a long time and I told her that I have no problem with her if she wants to b the public slut but that if thats her way of getting back at me then it ain't working. Would ya'll believe that coincedentally as I was talking with miss $$$$ she had an appointment with some guy. I laughed and I was like "aiight dont let me disturb you, have fun". Then I went back to my hostel. Shortly after I realized that miss $$$$ was walking behind me and I later found out that she cancelled her "appointment"..LOL. Well I was kinda happy for her but I couldn't really be bothered. The next day miss $$$$ comes up to me and she is like she wanted to talk 2 me. I'm like "yeah no problem whats on your mind" (yeah in my mind I was feeling like one bad guy o.. lol). Miss $$$$ told me what was on her mind and I gave her some advice. While I was talking to her !@#$ walked by and she called me. Like a dog who has just seen its owner I left miss $$$$ and went to meet !@#$ I had to go cuz its me dat wanted to make !@#$ my girlfriend not the other way round). Miss $$$$ was kinda pissed of though (well I cant really blame her, If it was me some1 else did that to I probably would have lost it). After that day miss $$$$ kept coming to me to tell me negative stuffs about !@#$. Well I told her to get lost that nothing she said or did would make me hate !@#$. I later found out that miss $$$$ kinda picked a fight with !@#$ over the slightest thing (but you all know the main reason though.. for the slow onez out there incase you dont let me hint ya'll (ME!!!!).. LOL. I think its high time I stopped feeling like a bad guy.. SYKE NA.. lol). After !@#$ didn't work out (I'm sure miss $$$$ was the happiest person on earth when she found out.. lol), I started hanging out with miss $$$$ again. People came to a conclusion that miss $$$$ nd I were dating ( well we were not yet but actually we were looking at a possibility of that happening).

One day miss $$$$ came up to me and she was like "I hate @@@@". ya'll remember @@@@ from part 1 right (well if u can't remember him scrool down to part 1 and then read the 1st paragraph or so). So I asked miss $$$$ why she doesnt like @@@@ (reason being @@@@ was my guy so I needed to know what was up). Anyway miss $$$$ gives me a couple reasons why she hated @@@@. I'm not really buying the reasons but just to prevent her from saying im picking his side or whatever I told her that If she doesn't like him then she should stay away 4rm him. The next day I see miss $$$$ and @@@@ walking together and she is like all over him (Imagine o the 1st thing that came to my mind was WTF!!!!!!!!. dint this girl just come 2 complain 2 me yesterday or so). At 1st I was like girls are confused jo (I actually think girls are confused (no offense my female readers o) ). But when miss $$$$ kept coming back to me to complain about @@@@ and then she would go back to him.. I started suspecting somethin was up..
One faithfull day (I'v alwaiz wanted to say/type that.. LOL) I was at the balcony of my hostel just looking at people gisting infront of the hostel and then some1 comes up to me and is like "look at @@@@ nd miss $$$$. I look at them and I see them all over each other. I laughed and I was like "OK" ( u know those kinda silent OK's. The ones that dont show that ur angry but pple who know u know that somethig is up.. I hope I'm making sense to ya'll cuz I dont think I'm making sense to myself.. LOL). Anyway they decided to go for a walk round school and when they got back @@@@ looked at me, smiled (well not @ me sha. That would just be gay.. lol) and then grabbed miss $$$$ from behind.. Now I also had a smile on my face (my smile was more of a "hmmm I see how its done now smile" :) )
Later that day I leave the hostel and I see miss $$$$. While we were talking she decided to explain what happened earlier with @@@@ but I dint really wanna listen cuz I wasn't interested, but she ended her statement saying "@@@@ tried to get down with me". I'm like wow. After talking to miss $$$$ I went back to my hostel then @@@@ comes to meet me in my room and he starts explaining himself saying that miss $$$$ tried to get down with him (1st of all I'm like Y the 4k is dis guy explainin him self I dint ask him. Only one word for that : GUILTY CONSCIENCE (oh sorry make that two words.. lol).). Now someone is definitely lieng. Does any1 have an idea who it is (if you do leave a comment with the name i.e miss $$$$ or @@@@)

Part 3 coming out soon

Btw I din't proof read before I posted it so pardon any errors.. Thank You

The Masterpiece #1


  1. Wale,
    I no go lie
    Really funny gist here.


  2. Is it coming out in a different tangle or its just like any continuation of a part 2-3 of a regular 9JA Movie?lol

  3. It is really funny..both of them are lying jo..hiss..tooo interesting!

  4. WHALAY!! is some funny stuff here oo!! at the same time it seems like u started trippin for the babe coz i think u were vexin wen @@@@ or wteva grabbed her behind..LMAO!!...or wen they got down one of the at the same time good blog love the story n o Yh!!...i think they mite hve planned to lie r they jst wnted to look innocent in ur eyes coz they knew u where nt stupid to no know...LMAO!!..jokes i dnt know jo!..