Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First time @ LOVE.

aiight 1st off all LOVE is a Nightclub in DC. Anyway the other day my home boy ***** calls me and he is like "sup mehn you wanna go to club tonite" being the party animal that I am I was like "No problem". Before ***** hung up he was like btw DRAKE (The artist) is going to be there. So ***** comes to pick me up. I'm all freshend up and looking good (as always.. lol). We get into the car and we embark on a long journey to DC (its about 1hr30mins from my school). Ungetting to Love it was raining and being the bad guys that we are, we din't wanna get wet so we chilled in the car. Some mins later some nice shawty's walk by and we were like DAMMM!!!!!. So im like ***** lets get out of this car and follow those chics. We get to the club (it was about a 3min walk from the parking lot) and this bouncer guy is like sorry they aint letting people in again. We are like wtf??... So we see some people going to the other side of the club and we followed. When we got there we met this long ass line. Anyway let me skip out some parts. We eventually got into the club {we were wet though cuz of the rain :( }. Anyway we went to dry up and after that we went a** hunthing.. lol. Now Love is NICE it has 3floors and everysingle floor has its own Dj and style of music. DRAKE was on the second floor so the security there was kinda tight. ***** and I went to the 3rd floor to chill and mehn we had a BLAST.. Much love to the chics who made that night for us lol.. Now to the main attraction, while we were dancing some chic came in, then the Dj was like "hold up i wanna introduce the lovely miss Angel Lola Luv". Now i was like that name sounds so familiar to me. Ya'll know Angel Lola Luv right?? (anyway for those of you slackers who dont know her she is a video girl she was in "GOODLIFE by Kanye"). Anyway while i was walking around looking for some nice big B***y shawty's miss Angel Lola Luv walked by me.. She was wearing some nice tight white Denim jeans. Her a** is one of a kind when i saw it I had dis big smile on my face :) {that smile lasted for daiz, infact just writting about it has put the smile back on my face :) :) :) }. for those of you who dont have cable and havn't seen her in any video. I'll post her picture so ya'll can see why I was smiling and why I'm still Smiling.. lol. Anyway around 4am ***** and I went home (another 1hr30mins drive).

angel_lola_luv_041608.jpg (320×430)
The Masterpiece #1


  1. i LIKEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so ur nw a bad gys abi!!

  2. NICE one dr...can't believe i actually read it..cos have got no time for stuffs like was good dou..:)

  3. Interesting... Interesting. Funny too! Good one!

  4. Thanks ya'll. more stories coming up soon

  5. Omo....who u dey fool, dat pic nah photoshoped, that ass cant be real!!!
    Anywayz...U go LOVE 4 my own backyard and no hit me Up!!!

  6. Jide ur confused o.. i saw somethin with my eyes ur tellin me its photoshoped.