Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Last Girlfriend. Part 1

Aiight ya'll I know the title sounds so much like a Nollywood movie.. lol. oh well thats the best I could come up with (I know I'm not so creative). Anyway as you can see from the title this post is about Me & My last girlfriend (miss $$$$). A couple of years ago I transfered High schools. I had a real rough 1st year ( I so dont wanna remember). Anyway by my second year things became better and I practically started getting along with almost everybody. So one day I'm walking with two of my Homies (!!!! and @@@@), and I'm like "mehn guyz I think its high time I get a girlfriend" now !!!! nd @@@@ were laughing at me (I dont know why they were laughing as if they had chics also o..LOL). So miss $$$$ walks by and my guyz are like "go for her", I'm like "nah". Later we go back to our hostel and I start thinking about what my guyz said. After some long, hard thinking I'm like what the heck let me go for it (I think that was the 1st mistake I made). So the next day I walked up to miss $$$$ and told her that I had something to say, she asked what and I was like i'll tell you later in the day (I was still having doubts that was why I postponed it). Eventually I told her that I liked her bla bla bla. I went back to my hostel and I started preparing for how I was going to face the crowd (the rest of the school) the next day.
The next day came and all her friends were all up in my business asking me if i really liked her bla bla bla.. Now at 1st I din't like her, so I had to pretend as if I did by blushing when they said her name, telling them that I liked her e.t.c {Now I know right now some of you, especially the girls are like this guy (ME) is a jerk. I don't blame ya'll cuz lieng to a girl that you like her is a bad thing, but please keep reading on b4 you make your conclusions about me (they say "dont judge a book by it's covers")}. Her friends eventually believed and I'm guessing they went to tell her. Anyway I kept on with my runz and shortly after miss $$$$ and I became an Item (aiight that sounded so sentimental.. Lol).
After the relationship started (thats was the begining of all my problems) I started liking her . We had our ups and downs (its normal in a relationship). Everything was looking like gold up until one day. That day I was in my hostel walking around and then ^^^^ came up to me and was like "whats up with ur chic and %%%% (^^^^ and %%%% were my seniors). Now im like whats going on. After some investigation I found out that miss $$$$ was cheating on me with %%%%. when I found out I was like WTF. I went to confront miss $$$$ but as you all would have expected she denied it flat. So I broke up with her. People (especially girls) didn't know why we broke up but they kept coming to meet me accusing me of being a bad person (Imagine o.. after what she did I still was the bad person).
The next session started (that was my 3rd year in that school and my last year in high school). It was a very eventful year for me. So I see miss $$$$ and we start talking, it turns out she stilll liked me (well I can't really blame her once you have a piece of me you'll alwaiz want more.. LOL.. ok ok I know I'm being cocky and all but oh well you can't blame me or can you?.. ;) LOL..). Anyway I told miss $$$$ that sorry it couldn't work out (ok that was quite mean but what do you expect she cheated on me). I was enjoying being single (you know hanging out with whoever I want to, doing whatever I wanted to, not bothering if any1 was watching ;) ) up until I realized that miss $$$$ was spying on me/stalking me. Now I'm sure most of you (girls especially) are like wtf??? well its the truth. The day I found out that she was spying on me was when oneday I was talking to some junior girl (just random talking nothing more nothing less) and when I was done talking to her miss $$$$ actually went to her (dis junior girl) and asked her if I was runzin her (like wtf who does that.. why are you going to stoop so low to asking your junior if someone in your set was runzin her..). Anyway to prevent rumours from spreading round I decided to keep away from this junior girl. As if that wasn't enough, the next thing I know miss $$$$ comes to me and keeps accusing me of having something with some girl in my set (1st of all its not her business cuz we aint dating but as the civilized human being that I am, I was like nothing is going on.). Miss $$$$ starts hating #### (#### is the girl in my set that she accused me of having something with). This was so funny cuz I'll b walking with #### and then miss $$$$ would walk by and eye #### and then hiss. My home boy "xyz" (I told him everything) & I were enjoying this so we tried as much as possible to make $$$$ and #### cross paths (ok yes we were wicked for doing that but oh well "wetin man go do".. LOL)..

part 2 coming out soon

The Masterpiece #1


  1. i lyk i lyk
    sooo cnt wait 2 see wer dis story is goin!!!??
    nw u gt me intrestd


  3. Lol..this is funny, more more...soon! ASAP. Temi F. ;)

  4. wale ur a lyk dis ish though...9ice