Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Aiight so I'v been out of the spotlight for a while, infact a very very long time and I'm sure alot of you might have lost interest in my blog well lets hope I can bring your addiction back. So yeah a few weeks back I asked y'all to give me possible topics to talk about. I got a a reply from some1 who said I should talk about why guys cheat on their girlfriends.

Aiight to the main reason why the post is up. So yeah, the basic reason guys cheat on their girl is because they aint "getting some" (for the pple who dont know what i mean by "gettin some", u need to go check ur self o..lol). If you aint getting it from home, you are definitely going to get it from somewhere else. Guys are very horny beings, our hormones get as it be. One advantage of havin a girlfriend is that u'll b able 2 get some with out stress, but when a girl starts holding that from a guy (fronting), then he will have no choice than to cheat. Im sure most girls are like if the guy loves them, then he has no choice to cheat bla bla bla.. Girls front too much, guys get frustrated when girls front too much. sometimes its the frustration that makes a guy just go and cheat on his girl. Girls dont only front when it comes to "giving some", Y'all front in all parts of life, and thats whats puts you guys in trouble. Sometimes its good to front but y'all over do it (too much of everything is bad). Let me give a scenario here. A guy likes a girl, and he tells her he likes her, now the guy doesn't expect the girl to say she likes him or them to start dating immediately (now that would make the girl cheap and if the guy is like me, he'll prob feel something is up and d relationship might not last). But if the girl decides to front for a very long time, the guy is most likely going to fashy the babe and that would suck (especially if the girl likes him).

Another reason guys cheat on their girls is cause we guys are animals (like I said earlier our hormones get as it be). we cant seem to keep our hands to ourselves, well most of the time it aint our fault. you see some sexy girl who is willin 2 giv u some ah u cant turn that down o unless ur a vegetable..lol.

Anyway I'm not an expert on why guys cheat on girls but as a guy I can give my opinion as a guy.
P.S for the records I dont cheat on my girlfriend o... Anyway If you want me to talk about anything, let me know, you can send it to my facebook and ill talk about it asap. Also I know this isnt one of my best stories, had to post this story, cuz it was requested. I didn't get the right inspiration I needed b4 I wrote this post and I'v got so much on my mind (some1 once said i think to much, hmmm might b true) so I havn't been thinking to straight anyway I promise the next post is going to be on point and this wasn't proof read, so pardon any errors.............

The Masterpiece :-p


  1. Lmao....Okay that was a funny one... "our hormones get as it be" lmao....
    I laughed thruout.. 4 REALZ THOU, TRUE TALK mahn.

  2. lmao!!!!
    it is not bad sha...very funny stuff

  3. mnnnnnn.. trueee in a way!!..yhu guys deffo have some weird hormone issues!!..the thing is as girls we need to "front" because if we don't we are seen as cheap skanky whores and when we say no once or twice yhu guys say thats too much fronting..kmt...guys cheat because they think its okay to do so...SIMPLE!!

  4. bois will alwais b bois.....nd yes most times they cant control their ''hormones''...who can blame them..''body no be wood''...lmao...buh most peeps cheat cuz the relationships sucks..lik wen its too dry ..feelings aint d same..buh they cant tell each oda....talkn out of experience....mucho amor.....desiree

  5. waaaaah why did u ask me to read this??????? it is soooooooo not helpful especially to me, especially at this point in time. abi do u want me to run from boys.